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Aquatic Turtle Dream

Begin your day with the pickup time of your choosing. Meet your friendly and highly knowledgeable bilingual guide and comfortable private transportation at the pickup location of your choosing.

Snorkel in a protected wild sea turtle sanctuary. Witness these gentle marine reptiles enjoying an existence of peace and freedom that comes from responsible environmentally sustainable encounters.

Swim and snorkel our private underground river system enjoying the crystal-clear water, stunning karstic rock formations, and surprisingly abundant aquatic life. Enjoy what will have the potential to be one of the most unique and mystical aquatic experiences you will ever encounter.

Afterward, head home or first stop for lunch* anywhere you’d like in this area. Private tours are about freedom. With the help of your host, you choose exactly what you’d like for lunch. Our transportation to any option in the area will be at no extra cost. *Guests cover lunch expense

Sea Turtle Snorkeling
Explore an Underground River Cenote
Round-trip transportation from all resorts and VR's
Snorkel Gear & Life Jackets
Cooler full of water, soda and beer
All local taxes, parking and entrance fees


Although we view sea turtles on a very consistent basis we are unable to fully guarantee their presence. As these are wild animals they can freely come and go from our designated snorkeling area. In any case you will surely have a special experience.
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Highlights of this tour include snorkeling the Protected Marine Park of Puerto Morelos, which we consider THE BEST SNORKELING EXPERIENCE
Puerto Morelos
7 hours estimated
Afterwards you will have 3 hours of free time at the island of Holbox giving you enough time to enjoy a ride on the bicycle, a golf cart (not incl.)
9 hours estimated.
Discover multiple intriguing locations and signs to collect the best memories of Tulum. Visit a stunning and private open air cenote for flawless.
6 hours estimated

Don't you know where to go?

We provide worry-free experiences.
You can customize your tour with us!

Love is love!!

Have you ever dreamed of a place where you didn’t need any tags? Where you could hold hands with your loved one anywhere you go, feeling not just comfortable but welcomed, not just tolerated but free. An area where you didn’t need to find “a flag” to feel safe, to be yourself and express it the way you are back at home. Well, you can stop dreaming because this magical place it’s in the Riviera Maya and by the hands of Living Dreams Mexico you will find your ideal host!!

This incredible region including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and its surrounding areas has always been known for its openness to diversity, whether it is different nationalities, cultural backgrounds or sexual orientation and gender expression.

Many travelers do not know how advanced is Mexico regarding the rights of the LGBTQ community, for example: In June 2015, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, so now it is legal in all 32 states, with the same rights as any straight couple, including adoption! Granted some rural areas of Mexico are still struggling to be more accepting, however, if we could go back in time, you would realize that to most of our ancient cultures, like the Maya, a different sexual orientation was perfectly accepted, in many cases celebrated and considered sacred!!

Immerse yourself into this amazing facts, ruins, cenotes, culture, snorkeling while staying in the Region and allow us to prove to you why we are the number one tour operator for private expeditions in all the Riviera Maya, basically let us show you that LOVEISLOVE.

In LIVING DREAMS MEXICO we have always valued and respected diversity, our own team is the proof of it!! Let us be the experts to make your dreams with your loved one and family come true!!!

Under book you will find an option for PROMO-CODE. Type LOVEISLOVE to receive unique amenities for your Dream Day!!

living dreams mex